about us

SenseAbility puts the "I" in Innovation by focusing all efforts on human be-ings, bringing the whole of each person's potential to the fore, individualising experiences and infusing creativity

Teaching people thinking skills assists them to deal differently and more effectively, in their own authentic way, with daily challenges and opportunities and may be regarded as a gift for life.

A. The person at work

Create better working conditions to play to individual strengths and improve team dynamics
































B. The person as a consumer

Work with consumers to create more successful products that link more to consumer hearts and minds









C. The person in personal life 

Bring the whole of you along by managing and overcoming barriers, self-limiting thoughts and beliefs




Self awareness is the first step to improved work performance and outputs


Awareness of others is the second step to successful teams and working towards a shared vision


The principles of creative problem solving highlights deferred judgement as a fundamental way to help communication


Manage conditions for engaging the wisdom of people, allowing ideas to emerge and flourish and building combined results


Creativity is a deliberate process - SenseAbility helps to use a process to make this happen


Deliver better productivity through full engagement of each person's values, passion and purpose by recognising talents as part of the bigger picture, skills development and meeting corporate objectives and deliverables


Creative and Heartfelt Leadership integrates inspiration and followership through bringing the heart, hope and compassion into leading people - each one a leader in their own right!


Transfer of skills in creative thinking and the making of an innovation mindset through experiential learning


Manage meetings to make them more meaningful and deliver better results via the process of facilitation


Deep dive consumer research focuses on the fuzzy front end of the ideation process and integrates the consumer earlier into design


Uncover individual differences and motivators for choice and behaviour, tapping into lifestyle and product fit


Sensory profiling and preference as applied to target groups to guide the development and improvement of products


Using projection and creative techniques to delve into unconscious motivators


Quality of Life Coaching to identify and live to your own passion


Incorporating the principles of creative problem, solving to personAl relationships, and with oneself


Bringing out the real YOU - authentic living through self-awareness and individual empowerment


Ways to communicate and listen by being more actively engaged


Bring out the best of what is and has been to construct the best possible future to look forward to: principles of appreciation


Link creative thinking to improved health and wellbeing, using conscious choices, gratitude, hope and compassion to build resilience and fortitude